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The Simpsons congratulate South Park on 200th episode

In typical Simpson fashion.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 9:47 am

There are some great images and videos from the people in the industry at the South Park 200 website. Among them is a video from Norman Lear, who actually worked on the show briefly as a consultant (and was involved in the 100th episode).

Just a note that it’s airing tonight.

#2 Mark_Tatulli
@ 10:42 am

That’s great! This is what I really, really love about cartooning…making fun of each other! The smile of the day!

#3 Braniff
@ 12:04 pm

That begs a question–how would other classic sitcoms (such as The Brady Bunch, Leave It To Beaver, Seinfeld or Friends) congratulate the 200th episode of South Park? Perhaps someone who operates a website for fans of South Park or of those shows would be willing to give it a try. . . (I’m all thumbs with that type of graphic work at this time, I must admit.)

#4 Alec Fritz
@ 8:55 pm

Congrats, and tonight’s episode was the first of a two-parter!

#5 Shane Davis
@ 10:41 pm

Isn’t anyone else tired of the Simpsons by now? Seriously, and I thought MASH went on too long…

#6 Gar Molloy
@ 4:54 am

Some of the recent Simpsons episodes have actually been really funny. It went through quite a while where it really just should hav been cancelled, but it’s on the upswing again.

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