The Simpsons congratulate South Park on 200th episode

In typical Simpson fashion.

6 thoughts on “The Simpsons congratulate South Park on 200th episode

  1. There are some great images and videos from the people in the industry at the South Park 200 website. Among them is a video from Norman Lear, who actually worked on the show briefly as a consultant (and was involved in the 100th episode).

    Just a note that it’s airing tonight.

  2. That’s great! This is what I really, really love about cartooning…making fun of each other! The smile of the day!

  3. That begs a question–how would other classic sitcoms (such as The Brady Bunch, Leave It To Beaver, Seinfeld or Friends) congratulate the 200th episode of South Park? Perhaps someone who operates a website for fans of South Park or of those shows would be willing to give it a try. . . (I’m all thumbs with that type of graphic work at this time, I must admit.)

  4. Isn’t anyone else tired of the Simpsons by now? Seriously, and I thought MASH went on too long…

  5. Some of the recent Simpsons episodes have actually been really funny. It went through quite a while where it really just should hav been cancelled, but it’s on the upswing again.

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