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Buck Rogers coming to big screen in 3D

Paul W.S. Anderson is said to be working on a Buck Rogers 3D feature film. Anderson directed “Alien vs Predator.” The screen play is reportedly being written by Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. The Buck Rogers character is based on a comic strip of the same name that appeared in 1928.

Community Comments

#1 Ben Paddon
@ 9:38 am

Oh, no. Paul W. S. Anderson is the absolute LAST person I would want working on any movie.

#2 Ted Dawson
@ 9:47 am

Somehow I know I’ll have to explain to my kids why they can’t watch yet another movie about comic characters that I read or watched as a kid (not to mention the modern comic books themselves).

#3 Chad Welch
@ 10:35 am

I personally don’t see the point in everyone’s hatred for Anderson. Truth in point, there are a lot worse director’s out there, and I have enjoyed his movies for the most part; AvP was ok, but I dug the Resident Evil movies a lot.

Point of fact, if you’re going to movies named “Alien vs. Predator,” “Resident Evil,” and “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,” and expecting Oscar-worthy performances and Cinematic Masterpieces, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

#4 Garey Mckee
@ 11:24 am

Beedeebeedeebee, Hiya Buck!

I’ll only go see it if Tweaky and Doctor Theopolis are in it. I kind of want to see a really really BAD movie out of this.

On the other hand, it could redefine the franchise and be really cool.

#5 Ben Paddon
@ 2:53 pm

>Point of fact, if you?re going to movies named ?Alien vs. Predator,? ?Resident Evil,? and ?Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,? and expecting Oscar-worthy performances and Cinematic Masterpieces, you?re setting yourself up for failure.

Just like going to see a film with Batman in it, eh Chad?

#6 Darryl Heine
@ 5:20 pm

Will Twiki be in this Buck Rogers movie? If he is, I bet a new voice actor (either Joe Alaskey or Rob Paulsen or Jess Harnell) will voice him to fill the shoes of the late Mel Blanc.

#7 Shane Davis
@ 5:40 pm

I’d rather see a Duck Dodgers big screen adapt, myself.
Marvin the Martian rocks….

#8 Chad Welch
@ 5:52 pm


Good point, sir. :P However, I stand by the notion that The Dark Knight is the exception, not the rule. Honestly, as beautiful as Leger’s performance was, I’m not entirely sure the Academy would have given him his due had he not tragically died after the performance.

…but that’s for another debate. ;)

#9 Ben Paddon
@ 5:16 pm

It’s not about the Academy award. A film isn’t brilliant because it has awards attached to it. Whether you look at The Dark Knight as a genre movie or an action-drama, it’s a phenomenal movie. There’s no reason why other genre movies or adaptations couldn’t and shouldn’t be every bit as fantastic.

Resident Evil, Alien Versus Predator and Buck Rogers are all hockey plots by their very nature, but then so is the concept of a guy dressing up as a bat to fight crime between the hours of 9pm and 5am. As with everything, it’s about interpretation.

#10 Jeremy Creecy
@ 10:41 pm

I think, as long as they don’t ‘update’ (i.e destroy) the mythos, take it as it was originally intended, a fun pulp-style techno-fantasy, then it should be all good.

That being said, given Paul W.S. Anderson’s record regarding staying true to the original work, I don’t have much faith his work. And while I enjoy some of his work (the remake of Death Race comes to mind), the majority of it is not very good.

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