MAD magazine going bimonthly

Tom Richmond reports that MAD magazine will go from a quarterly mag to bimonthly.

No further details, but as John says this will mean not only a lot more MAD to be had but also a return to more topical material. MAD has been hampered by being completely unable to riff on timely subjects due to it’s long time between issues. Bimonthly isn’t the same as monthly, but it beats quarterly by exactly 50%!

No new news on the revamping of the MAD website or other media projects, but progress is still being made in those areas I am told.

Look for the next edition on June 15.

15 thoughts on “MAD magazine going bimonthly

  1. Last time I saw MAD a few years ago, it had already been reduced from a magazine with a smart satirical edge to just another smutty attempt at humor.

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