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World-Herald reinstates 2 strips after complaints

The Omaha World-Herald announced in yesterday’s paper that they are bringing back two of the 13 dropped comics after more than 1,000 readers complained. Starting today Non Sequitur and Hagar the Horrible return to the funny pages.

Regarding how the decision was made on which comics to drop, the editor wrote:

I set a goal of returning our daily comic strips to a single page, something that had been the newspaper’s tradition until about a decade ago.

I assigned a group of newsroom editors to get advice from a panel of World-Herald employees who are avid comics readers.

They returned with recommendations. I asked a lot of questions, but generally accepted the recommendations.

Community Comments

#1 Jimmy Delach
@ 3:49 pm

I didn’t see a previous posting on all comics affected so I’ll post what I can.

The article mentioned “Gasoline Alley”, “Gil Thorp”, “Mary Worth” and “Rex Morgan, M.D.”

The other dropped comic strips were “Adam @ Home”, “Andy Capp”, “Cathy”, “Dennis The Menace” (Mon.-Sat.), “Drabble”, “For Better Or For Worse”, “Love Is”, “Prince Valiant”, “Sally Forth”, “Shoe” (Mon.-Sat.) and “Willy ‘n Ethel”.

Anybody know if they still run “Peanuts” in the World-Herald or if that strip had been dropped previously?

#2 Mike Donahue
@ 9:32 pm

The W-H was running Peanuts in June ’09, the last time I visited Omaha.

#3 Darryl Heine
@ 4:32 pm

Which Peanuts runs daily in the Omaha World-Herald? 1963 strips or 1997 strips? 1963 strips are Sundays too.

Glad Omaha World-Herald still has Garfield, Blondie, and Family Circus.

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