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Cagle, Eliot visit Algiers for comic festival (Updated)

Editorial cartoonist Daryl Cagle and comic strip creator Jan Eliot are among several international cartoonists attending the 2009 Festival International de la Bande Dessinee d’Alger. The two are the only cartoonists representing the United States out of the two or three score individuals from around the world. Daryl will participate on a couple of presentations – one on cartoons in cinema and another on his work.

UPDATE: I received an email from Jan letting me in on the stuff she’ll be doing while at the festival. She’ll panel a discussion with 11 other women cartoonists to discuss women’s increased participation in cartooning and their experiences. She’ll also present on the topic of “Games Mother Never Taught You” – how to survive in a male dominated field and appear on the Algiers version of the Today Show. If that wasn’t enough she’s off to other far-flung places. Here’s what she wrote on her blog:

From Algiers I will travel to Morocco, where I will speak with women artists and cartoonists, and appear in schools in Casablanca, Rabat and Tangiers.

IF THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH… in November I’ll be traveling with Habitat for Humanity International to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to participate in a Women Build project there. As readers may know, Val and Joan are licensed by Habitat to promote the Women Build program. We are all extremely honored to be part of Habitat’s very excellent mission. And with some luck, we may get to meet Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter in Chiang Mai. Val really wants and autograph!

Thanks for writing in, Jan, and good luck! Send postcards :)

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#1 Benita Epstein
@ 5:11 pm

Way to go, Jan!

#2 Wiley Miller
@ 7:55 pm

Jan is the best choice for an ambassador I can think of.

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