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“Dear Mr. Watterson” teaser released

A “thank you” documentary about the effect of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes has had on readers and fans is in production for a 2011 release. A teaser has been released recently (see below).

Teaser from DMW on Vimeo.

The producers are using social media to allow fans to participate in the project using YouTube videos, photos, artwork and comics.

Community Comments

#1 Ben Carlsen
@ 1:53 pm

Bill Watterson is the reason I decided to pursue art, and specifically cartooning, as a career. Not quite there yet… but hopefully one day. :)

Oh, and Alan… it should be “the effect” not “the affect.” :)

#2 Joe F
@ 3:10 pm

Nice to see Berke Breathed there. This looks great by the way!

#3 Shane Davis
@ 3:38 pm

Yeah…as sweet, innocent and iconic as C&H was, I can’t say it was my favorite strip ever.

Maybe I could do a “dearmrbreathed” documentary.
Nah…too derivative, like my strip.

Ok, how about a “www.curseyoujimdavisand your” site?

or “”?

or “”

Just spitballing….

#4 troy davidson
@ 7:52 pm

wow looking forward to seeing a documentary on bill watterson. he was a true master of the craft of cartooning.

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