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News briefs for August 21, 2009


» The Houston Chronicle reviews “I Did it His Way”, the latest B.C. collection of Johnny Hart’s best-known religious cartoons.

Comic Strips

» Rich Tennant’s 5th wave is no longer on The comic is still in syndication, but at Rich’s request, it won’t be featured gocomics anymore.

Editorial Cartooing

» Daryl Cagle announces that Mike Scott will now be featured on Mike draws for the start-up


» Scott Nickel interviews Bizarro creator Dan Piraro.


» Robot Comics releases Issues #1 and 2 of American Terror via Apple iTunes store.

Community Comments

#1 Donna Barstow
@ 2:03 am

I would love to hear the story of why Rich Tennant is no longer w/Gocomics. I can’t remember if it was one of the super-popular ones – they’re all numbered in popularity.

#2 Randal Milholland
@ 9:07 pm

That’s a review? It read just like a news piece from a high school paper.

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