The Chicago Tribune, which has not had a full-time editorial cartoonist since the death of Jeff MacNelly in 2000, has hired Scott Stantis as their editorial cartoonist. The Tribune’s hiring of Scott reflects the paper’s renewed commitment to return to its roots as a “crusading newspaper,” which it believes readers want and will lead to increased profitability.

Stantis is currently the staff editorial cartoonist for The Birmingham (AL) News and creator of the syndicated comic strip Prickly City. In a press release from the AAEC, Scott stated, “The Chicago Tribune is bullish about the future of newspapers, and so am I. The Tribune believes that editorial cartooning is an integral part of that future, and I am therefore thrilled and humbled to be given this opportunity.”

The Birmingham News has said that it intends to fill the vacancy left by Stantis.

UPDATE #1: From the Tribune’s announcement, it appears that Scott will “focus ‘on news and issues of special relevance to Chicago and Illinois and give a new dimension to our role as watchdog over the community’s interests,’ said Gerould Kern, Senior Vice President and Editor of the Tribune.”

UPDATE #2: Scott bids farewell to his readers in his blog. “It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you all that I have accepted the job of Editorial Cartoonist at the Chicago Tribune. While this is a great opportunity it is tinged with sadness. Sadness at the thought of leaving Birmingham and Alabama, a place that has embraced me and my family and made us feel welcomed and valued.” Read the whole thing.


  1. This is a great way to end what has been a challenging year as President of the AAEC. Scott is a great choice for the Tribune, and it’s awesome that he did a good enough job at the News that they will want to replace him!

  2. I know you’ve wanted the Chicago job for some time, Scott, and am very happy that the Tribune finally saw the light. I wish you and Janien the best, and hope the weather up there doesn’t ruin the adventure.

  3. It feels a bit like April Fool’s Day seeing a headline saying a paper actually hired an editorial cartoonist. Now let’s hope it’s more like Groundhog Day and we see similar headlines every day here on out…with “I Got You, Babe” playing on the clock radio.

    Congratulations, Scott.

  4. Congrats, Scott
    Best news I’ve heard in years!!! Now I’d like to see the Enquirer lure Borgman out of retirement , like Farve.

  5. It would be nice if this caused the newspapers who laid off their editorial cartoonists to bring them back.

    But not all newspapers got a $900 million gorilla off their chest like the Tribune Co. did with the Cubs.

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