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News briefs for August 17, 2009

Comic Books

» Steven Kirk has an interesting post about the legal layout of the Superman character. He writes that in 2013, the Siegel family regains some of the rights to the super-hero, but only those parts that were created before the character was bought by DC Comics. Parts of the Superman universe (Kryptonite, other characters, ability to fly) created after DC Comics ownership cannot be used without licensing it. Read the full column for the intricacies of the deal.

Comic Strips

» Ginger Meggs has a new website.

» Last Thursday was the anniversary of the start of Lil’ Abner which began in 1934 and ran to 1977.


» Tom Racine interviews writer and artist John Hambrock and his wife Anne. Together they produce The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee.

Community Comments

#1 John Hambrock
@ 11:46 am

Alan, Thank you for the link to the interview. I can honestly say that of all the interviews I’ve done, this one was most fun. Tom’s sense of humor and dry wit make his interviews very entertaining. And if Harry Shearer ever retires from the Simpsons, we’ll know who to recommend as a replacement.

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