Zits character, Jeremy to turn 16

The perpetual 15 year old, Jeremy of the comic strip Zits, will be allowed to turn 16 opening up a whole new landscape of comic material. When asked why they decided to tamper with the age of their strip’s star after 12 highly successful years in syndication, Scott and Borgman responded, “About the meanest thing you could do is freeze someone at 15. After a dozen years our consciences have gotten the better of us. It’s time to let the kid drive.” Starting today, the strip by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman launches a story-line featuring Jeremy taking is long awaited driving test.

15 thoughts on “Zits character, Jeremy to turn 16

  1. Weird, I had a gut feeling that something like this was coming when Jeremy recently said, “I am so over adolescence.”

    Hmm … How long before the first camping trip with Sara (I mean, “the guys”)?

  2. Heck, I want to see Blondie and Dagwood yelling at each other in walkers and wheelchairs.

    How about Charlie Brown finally scoring with the little red haired girl?
    (Yeah-yeah..he’s a fat and balding successful cartoonist, and she’s an overplayed skink, but it would be FUN! )
    Lucy as the sabre-tooth psycho-therapist on #247 ? ( sorry, I lost count ) would also be entertaining.
    Course, Schroeder is the most famous, and quite gay.
    Linus went “Deadheading” four years after Jerry passed. No one has seen him since.
    Peppermint Patty was elected to Congress.
    Pigpen is the retired CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Just say “software”.

  3. Let him get old enough to drive. The comic sitautions are endless. I just don’t want to see Zits age like Unfunny Winkerbean. If they want to keep up the natural aging process, somebody on Gasoline Alley is going to have to croak soon. How old is walt, anyway, 116?

  4. Hmm…letting high school characters age…I’ve seen it happen before. Here’s my prediction of future storylines:

    Let’s see – Jeremy will be at a party, be pressured to drink, and drive drunk with Sarah. He’ll get in an accident which will cause Sara to lose both legs. Jeremy will continue drinking while Hector tries to talk him out of it. They’ll argue and lose their friendship. Connie will become a nervous wreck and start taking pills. Walt will grow detached from the family and spend more time at the office becoming a workaholic. He’ll grow even more fat and become extremely miserable. There older son will drop out of the university and join the Army…

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