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News briefs for July 28, 2009


» Fantagraphics to publish the complete run of Ernie Bushmillerâ??s comic strip Nancy.


» Michael Cavna was sent to cover the big Con. He’s taking questions during a live chat.

» Rolling Stone reviews what was notable about the event.

Comic Strips

» A Charlie Brown Christmas will be released in Blu-Ray on October 6.

Editorial Cartooning

» Andy Donato (Sun Media political cartoonist) will be making an appearance in Bobcaygeon on Saturday, August 1


» John Ryan, creator of Captain Pugwash, has died at age 88.


» iVerse has released SuperFogeys for the iPhone and Android phones.

» J.D. Ketcham writes about the popularity of Jeph Jacques’ Questionable Content.

Community Comments

#1 Phil Tography
@ 7:02 pm

A Charlie Brown Christmas on blu-ray ? Awesome !!!
Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy reprinted ? Awesome !!!
A bad day made better with this news, Awesome !!!!

#2 Tom Gammill
@ 11:59 pm

The Complete Ernie Bushmiller is the greatest news ever.

#3 Larry Levine
@ 6:44 am

Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy rocks!!! (make that 3 rocks)

#4 Corey Pandolph
@ 8:42 am

I keep reading things thinking there should be a headline buried in the middle that says something like “Corey Pandolph is a jerk.”

Just for fun’s sake.

#5 henry Clausner
@ 1:56 pm

Well i think Alan’s post here just sums it all up eh fellahs?

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