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News Briefs for July 8, 2009

Alternative Comics

Ruben Bolling, creator of Tom the Dancing Bug, was named Association of Alternative Newsweekliesâ?? 2009 award for Best Cartoon.


» IDW Publishing is announcing a partnership with Archie Comics to reprint some of the propertyâ??s most iconic stories in deluxe hardcover and trade paperback editions. The newspaper strip collections will be incorporated into the Library of American Comics series that includes Dick Tracy, and The Complete Terry & the Pirates.

Comic Strips

Soup To Nutz

» Soup to Nutz creator Rick Stromoski takes a shot at former MTV hottie Jenny McCarthy in yesterday’s comic. McCarthy maintains that child vaccines contributed to her son’s autism.

Editorial Cartooning

» Tim Jackson has been awarded The Wilbert L. Holloway Award for Best Editorial Cartoon for a second year in a row as the Chicago Defender’s staff cartoonist.

» Ted Rall is reportedly calling foul on Australian illustrator David Bromley’s use of Hello Kitty in a Financial Times illustration regarding President Obama’s softer (or weaker) side. Rall maintains that he has been using the Obama/Hello Kitty theme for about a year now. Bromley denies any act of plagiarism when questioned by Rob Tornoe, and if I read between the lines correctly, his initial reaction was “Ted Rall who?” You can seem a sample of Rall’s usage along with Bromley’s over on Rob’s blog.

Community Comments

#1 Ted Dawson
@ 9:09 am

It’s about time! Bob Montana produced some of the best comics of all time. Can’t wait to see this Archie collection.

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