How to write a continuity strip

Margaret Shulock, one of the Six Chix cartoonist, has written about her experience writing a continuity strip, in this case Apartment 3-G that she wrote for three years ago.

So how do you write a strip that someone else draws? I was unsure but I knew the previous writer had simply typed up scripts with stage directions. It sounded simple but I knew it would never work for me. So Iâ??m going to show you my process. Although, honestly, I could talk about these â??girlsâ? until your ears fell off; Iâ??m going to restrain myself and stick to the topic.

H/t Mike Lynch

3 thoughts on “How to write a continuity strip

  1. hrmm. seems like a basic script writing exercise. but, it’s always good to see someone’s process.

    i thought it was neat to see that she would actually sketch it out. back to mccloud’s idea of “writing with picture.”

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