News Briefs for April 23, 2009

Comic Books

» On May 2, comic book stores across the country will give away an estimated 2 million comic books. You can find a list of the give aways and find your local comic book store at the free comic book day website.

Comic Strips

» Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis is profiled in a Peoria Journal-Star.

Editorial Cartooning

» Jefferson High School (Portland, OR) discovered 19 original cartoons in their storage room by 1949 Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Lucius “Lute” Pease. The school is trying to raise $27,000 for restoration of the originals.

Graphic Novels/Books

» Lynda Berry, author of “What it is” is interviewed by Brigitte Warner over at Radar Redux on the topic of “life in the midwest, Wind Turbines, and the importance of poetry.”


» Iranian cartoonist Javad Alizadeh is interviewed by PressTV.

One thought on “News Briefs for April 23, 2009

  1. The read on international cartoonist Javad Alizadeh is fascinating. I guess comedy/humor/cartooning transcends country lines (unless it’s in poor taste ~cough recent Denmark comic controversy~).

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