More comics strips dealing with the recession

Earlier this month, Bobby Bryant of The State wrote about how the recession is creeping into story-lines of Brenda Starr, Doonesbury, Dilbert and Mary Worth. The latest piece on the topic comes from Maclean’s (Canada’s only national weekly current affairs magazine) who note economic jokes in Blondie, Hi and Lois, Archie, Beetle Bailey, Wizard of Id, Garfield, Cathy, Marvin and Drabble.

6 thoughts on “More comics strips dealing with the recession

  1. Yes I’d say it’s only natural for the comics, or any entertainment media, to reflect the environment around them.

    But that pendulum also swings in the other direction, where entertainment media altogether avoids the heady realities of the times to offer purely escapist entertainment.

  2. Gary,

    It’s not only “natural” but smart – provided cartoonists (including myself) can somehow manage to make readers laugh over a major recession resulting from the worst financial and economic crises since the Great Depression (not to mention its global reach).

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