Norm Feuti’s Gill joins Tale Tale Features

Norm Feuti’s new webcomic Gill has joined up with Tall Tales Features. Other Tale Tale members include Dog Eat Doug creator Brian Anderson
, Imagine This by Lucas Turnbloom, Legends of Bill by David Reddick, Charly and Company by Mike Sieber, Imy by Irma Eriksson, MetzgerCartoons by Scott Metzger, Broken Things by Chip Skelton, and Mike Whitmer’s Pinkerton.

Norm also does the Retail comic strip for King Features.

7 thoughts on “Norm Feuti’s Gill joins Tale Tale Features

  1. They, whomever “they” are, say a man is judged by the company he keeps. Seems to me you’ve picked a pretty classy bunch there, Norm. Well, except for that Witmer guy…

  2. “BTW is that a crossover I spy in today?s Retail? 🙂

    Ha! No, Charles Brubaker noticed that too. Just chalk it up to the fact that I draw so many generic side-characters and customers that I get repetitive sometimes.

    Gill’s dad isn’t management material anyway … even if it is just a convenience store 🙂

  3. I’d wondered about that too! But I kind of figured, as Norm said, that somehow it just wasn’t Gill’s dad’s type of job.

    Nice to see Gill on TTF — a very talented bunch, all around.

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