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Mark Heath launches new gag panel web site

Mark Heath, creator of Spot the Frog, has launched a new web site to promote his gag panel cartoons. The web site offers visitors the opportunity to search and purchase a reprint license for his freelance cartoons.

Community Comments

#1 Alan Jones
@ 8:46 pm

Wow, that’s a nicely designed site Mark! I was wondering how gag panel sites might be put together, as opposed to the horizontal format for strips per se. And, is this a new self-syndication/business model for use with online delivery of toons? Very cool, good luck!

@ 12:41 pm

Cool site, but may be need more explanation about the way of suscribe and receive the toons via email.

Good luck.

#3 Kenneth bentley
@ 9:24 pm

Dear mark Heath I always admired your drawings since mine look like crap .even after over fifty years of practice. I still can’t make a good cartoon .perhaps you can give me
Some tips .. I would like to do a comic strip some day . I have thousands of drawings .i mostly give them away . Ken

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