Creig Flessel passes at 96

E&P is reporting that Creig Flessel has passed away at the age of 96. Craig was the assistant on the Dixie Dugan comic and Li’l Abner. He also worked in comic books and advertising.

2 thoughts on “Creig Flessel passes at 96

  1. And of course, he had a comic strip of his own
    “David Crane” which he did from 1960 to 1972 (before and after Win Mortimer’s time on the strip). He then did the short lived “This week in Astrology” comic strip.
    He also ghosted “Friday Foster” doing the last two weeks of the strip.

  2. And he did five weeks of dailies adapting Henry Fleming’s “Col. Effingham’s Raid” into a captioned comic strip in 1943 for King Features Book of the Month feature.

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