Ces Marciuliano to fill in for Bizarro

Francesco “Ces” Marciuliano who writes for King Feature’s Sally feature will be filling in on Dan Piraro’s Bizarro during the week of July 28 – August 2nd and also with the August 24th Sunday. Ces’ work will include cartoons from his webcomic Medium Large. Dan will post each day’s cartoons on his blog and offer up a critique.

Regarding Ces’ work, Dan told me in an email,

This is the first time I’ve had a guest cartoonist and I’m really excited about it. I’ve long admired Ces’s cartoons online and am excited to see what my readers think of them. He is a prolific writer of all sorts of humor â?? essays, stand-up comedy, cartoons, blogs â?? and I’m of the opinion that he’s long overdue for some of this kind of exposure.

4 thoughts on “Ces Marciuliano to fill in for Bizarro

  1. I loved Medium Large. Why did Ces stop making the strip?

    Sally Forth? Not so much love.

    Bizarro? One of my favorites. I love the art and the humor, and the Sunday collection of Bizarro with Dan’s notes on each toon is a great read. The strips with Ces should be fun, but why does Dan need to comment, isn’t he going to be on vacation? Bro…you have a hot wife. Enjoy your time off with her and let Ces let’er rip!!

  2. #1: It is perhaps not coincidental that Medium Large stopped being published at drinkatwork.com when Carol Hartsell, the site’s founder and owner, divorced Ces.

    I have grown to like Sally Forth since becoming a fan through Medium Large, because I see how much Ces speaks through his characters: Ted’s 1980s obsessions are clearly Ces’ own.

  3. Thanks #3.

    Wonder if a book collection for Medium Large is a future project. The teen girl president strips would have been fun during this years presidential campaign. How would Hillary have faired against a younger, hipper female candidate?

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