Steve Moore wrote original story for movie ‘Alpha and Omega’

Steve Moore, creator of In the Bleachers, wrote the original story for the upcoming movie “Alpha and Omega.” The CG movie, which has not yet started production will feature Hayden Panetierre (“Heroes”), Justin Long (Mac in the “I’m a mac, I’m a PC” commercials) have the title roles, with Christina Ricci, Danny Glover and Dennis Hopper. It will be directed by Anthony Bell (“The Boondocks” and “Rugrats”) and Ben Gluck (“Brother Bear 2”).

Theatrical release has been set for 2010.

The film is about two bickering wolves – one a disciplined, Alpha-bred wolf and the other a fun-loving, comical Omega wolf. They are captured and taken thousands of miles from their home. Determined to rejoin their pack, the two mismatched wolves begin a dangerous trek across unfamiliar terrain, battling the odds, the elements, the bears and one another — and finding love along the way.

One thought on “Steve Moore wrote original story for movie ‘Alpha and Omega’

  1. I doubt this will happen, but I hope they animate using Moore’s drawing style as a template. “In the Bleachers” is distinctive because of its art. Just looking at it makes me laugh.

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