April Fools jokes around the cartoonosphere

Here’s a list of some of the April Fools jokes I’ve come across being perpetrated on the cartoonosphere:

» Ted Dawson has the newly re-release of Calvin and Hobbes – Manga edition

» Tom Richmond is hanging up his Mad Blog.

» Rich StevensDiesel Sweeties is going non-pixel.

» Francesco Marciuliano is quitting writing for Sally Forth and will soon be writing for Mallard Fillmore

» And the big one — today’s Pearls Before Swine has a subliminal F-word in it. In the second panel, if you take the first letter of each line in the dialog balloon, you get the F-word. Intentional? On April Fools Day? Has to be.

Any others? Add them to the comments.

6 thoughts on “April Fools jokes around the cartoonosphere

  1. I guess you got me on the Pearls bit, because I checked a couple of places to make sure my paper hadn’t substituted the strip.

  2. Ha Ha! I posted on a message board that Bill Watterson was coming out of retirement, then Charles Brubaker informed me about the Manga version. That’s even funnier! It would be more convincing if Calvin didn’t look like Naruto.

  3. Oh man, I just spent like twenty minutes looking at the Pearls strip! I thought I was going crazy. That’s the second time today I’ve been had.

    At least I didn’t call everyone I knew like last year, when Gmail offered free unlimited print-outs mailed to your house.

  4. Good one. I didn’t spend 20 minutes searching (only about 5), but only because I clicked on the “comments” section to see if I was the only one who couldn’t find it. Nice. I’m glad someone is still trying.

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