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Cartoonists Northwest announced Toonie Award winners

The Cartoonists Northwest has hosted its 17th annual Toonie Award Banquet this last Saturday. At the banquet they honored this year’s winner of the Golden Toonie for Cartoonist of the Year. The winner was:Pat Moriarity (Illustration). Finalist for the award also included Mark Monlux (Web Comics), Roby Gilbert (Print Comics), and Elizabeth Pankey (Caricatures).

They also inducted Mike Grell, William Van Horn, Bob Cram and Steve Gallacci into their Hall of Fame. Mike, in addition to a career in comic books, has also worked on Brenda Starr and Tarzan comic strips.

Community Comments

#1 Laura Gilbert
@ 3:43 pm

The work submitted by Roby Gilbert for print comic was actually done by Laura and Roby Gilbert. My husband said he corrected this error and a new award would be issued. Please rectify the error.
Laura Gilbert
(read the by-line for Ranger Rick, it reads Roby and Laura Gilbert)

#2 Laura Gilbert
@ 8:11 pm

Cartoonist NW has changed the error. The old award has been re-issued and it reads Roby and Laura Gilbert as the by-line states. My husband never contacted them to correct this error.

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