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Dave Horsey publishes sixth, maybe seventh book

Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial cartoonist Dave Horsey has a new book coming out entitled “Draw Quick, Shoot Straight.” The book is a collection of his cartoons from the last four years.

Here’s Dave interviewing himself about the book:

Horsey: Any cartoons about Bush?

Horsey: Well, duh. (Snort of derision.) They take up pretty much half the book. The president — whomever he may be — always is the dominant figure in any batch of my cartoons, but Bush seems to have become more of an obsession for me than most.

Horsey: So, this is a book only a liberal could love?

Horsey: No, not at all. Even folks who once agreed with his politics have come to the conclusion that Bush has been a disaster for the Republican Party, if not for the country. Deficit spending, a mismanaged war, incompetence on all fronts — these are not supposed to be the hallmarks of a good conservative. Bush puts on this swaggering, cowboy persona, but, as I say in the book, he’s all hat and no cattle.

Community Comments

#1 John Read
@ 9:45 am

The guy interviewing Dave neglected to ask him WHEN the new book’s coming out.

#2 Laura Timlick
@ 2:25 pm

Can you tell me when your new book will be coming out?? I’d like to get it for my Dad’s birthday on February 12th.

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