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Elmer Sprunger, Bigfork Eagle Cartoonist Dies at Age 87

Elmer Sprunger, who has created cartoons for more than 20 years for the Bigfork Eagle (MT) has passed away at the age of 87. Elmer worked most of his life in blue-collar jobs such as road construction, logging and for a aluminum plant where he painted signs, illustrations and safety cartoons. He spent the last 30 years painting but is best known in Montana for his cartoons that appeared in the Bigfork Eagle.

Community Comments

#1 Mary Lee
@ 12:01 pm

I first met Elmer in 1949-1950 when he and his wife Marie were caretakers for a private resort on Swan Lake. His daughters Joyce and Nancy became classmates and life-long friends of mine. Elmer was always willing to entertain us, take us places and rescue us when needed. I particularly remember his kindness to me, when I jumped off the Bigfork dock onto a sand bar. Elmer was there to pull me out of the water when I tried to get back onto the dock, but merely sank. (I don’t swim.) His art work decorated our homes with awesome wildlife pictures, and his artwork of the same onChristmas Cards are collector items. I am proud to have known Elmer.

#2 Laura Weed
@ 12:31 pm

Elmer Sprunger’s wildlife art and Bigfork Eagle cartoons will continue to educate and delight generations to come. He was a witty and wise Montanan, through and through.

#3 Sam Gillie
@ 4:34 pm

Have a picture of Elmer Springer and his brother Pete on the dock at Cedar Bay Lodge at Swan Lake with my father John Gillie about 1926. At the time the lodge was owned by my father’s uncle also John Gillie. This was just before the lodge was sold to the Woodards.

#4 K C "Sprunger" Curtis
@ 11:50 am

Would like to contact Sam Gillie, as Pete is my father and would love to get a copy of the picture and visit with him about my Dad and Uncles days at the Swan…kc

#5 Sam Gillie
@ 1:58 pm

TO KC Sprunger Curtis

You can contact me at

gillies001 @ hawaii . rr . com

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