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Marshall Ramsey blogs his 3000 blog post

Congrats to Marshall Ramsey who has past an impressive milestone of 3000 blog posts in just over a year. His milestone post?

This won’t be long. Or flashy. I just have two words to say to all of you — thank you. This blog could be a ball and chain, another thing to eat up hours of my work day. But it’s not. It has become a community. Because of you. Thanks for making this fun for me.

Community Comments

#1 Kay
@ 11:04 am

Marshall’s blog is our second home and he makes everyday so much fun. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Marshall makes us proud for all he does in the community. He gives so much and ask for nothing in return.

Marshall, we love you!

#2 Stacey
@ 1:40 pm

What Kay said. Marshall is really good people.

#3 Eric
@ 2:20 pm

As a contractor in Iraq, Marshall’s blog is a great way for me to stay anchored back home. Thank you Mr. Ramsey for giving me a laugh each day.

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