Scott Adam’s Mentoring to Syndication Part 7 Posted

Scott Adams continues to post his advise to Scott Meyer who is trying to take his feature to syndication, Basic Instructions. Part 7 has now been posted. He’s posted several revisions of Basic Instructions in the new comic strip format.

8 thoughts on “Scott Adam’s Mentoring to Syndication Part 7 Posted

  1. Most of the entrees in the Unfit artist search were much better than the original Unfit strip.

  2. The new print collection of Unfit comes with a cd featuring Don Imus reading each strip, adding his brand of witicism to a once great strip.

    A must have for true comics fans!

  3. I think that “Basic Instructions” has adjusted well to the three-panel format, so much that I like it better than the original.
    He’s definitely got a shot, especially with Adams’s backing.

    I was not a fan of “Unfit,” and I don’t miss it by any means.

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