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Tulsa World Creates Memorial Site for Doug Marlette

The Tulsa World (OK) has created a memorial site for the late Doug Marlette who only served 17 months as their staff cartoonists. The web site includes a portfolio, video, as well as quotes from others regarding his life and work.

In the too-brief 17 months that he was here, those of us on the Tulsa World editorial staff came to know a somewhat different Doug Marlette. He was witty, widely traveled, well-read, at once soft-spoken and talkative. He was a consummate storyteller. He spun tales about colorful relatives he knew or learned about during his younger days in North Carolina. Those stories, invariably told with affection, celebrated his southern, working-class family heritage. And, always, he was a gentleman.

Doug Marlette died July 10, 2007, in a car wreck near Holly Springs, Miss. His death stunned and saddened his Tulsa World colleagues. Our sincerest condolences go to his wife, Melinda, and son, Jackson.

This site is dedicated to his work and the effect it had on the communities he served.

Community Comments

#1 DT
@ 3:46 pm

I read they were going to hire a new cartoonist…anyone know how that’s going?

#2 Charles Brubaker
@ 5:22 pm

Don’t know the status so far.

Keep in mind, though, that it took few months for Tulsa World to hire a new cartoonist (Marlette) to replace their previous cartoonist (whom they fired)

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