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Craig Boldman to Appear in Several Acting Roles

Craig Boldman, who writes the Archie comics strip, will be featured in upcoming commercial, movie, and stage production. This weekend he’ll be the narrator for two stage productionsMama’s Bible, and Teacher’s Left Behind. He’ll “>appear in a commercial (as a scientist) in September for Speedway (convenience stores) and he has a small part that was originally given to Peter Frampton in an upcoming movie Joy.

Below is a movie trailer for Kiss Of The Vampire that Craig was in.

From Craig:

Look for me in the red room, in the center of the screen, clapping, right after the guy delivers the line, “So that all of you will be by my side for centuries to come!”

And then, if you look quick, you’ll see me again, just before the shot of the bright lights. I’m at the far left of the screen in the shot where the lead vampire raises his hands, seemingly to surrender.

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