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Cartoon Contest to Promote PBS Satire Show

According to E&P, Drew Rougier-Chapman has announced a cartooning contest to promote “Party Toons” – a weekly satire show he’s been developing for PBS to showcase editorial cartoons in a roundtable discussion.

“I am offering $500 for the cartoon, either animated or in print, that best expresses why editorial cartoons are so vital to democracy and why the continuing decline in the ranks of editorial cartoonists is so dangerous,” writes Rougier-Chapman. “In addition to the first place prize, I will also award a second place prize of $150 and a third place prize, a copy of The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker (on CD and in print) which sells for $60. The top winner (or winners) will of course also be offered the opportunity to appear as a guest cartoonist on an episode of Party Toons if and when the show is eventually broadcast.”

Contest deadline for submissions is September 1 with the winners announced on September 27.

Additional details:

Submissions should be emailed to or mailed to Drew Rougier-Chapman
21594 Iredell Terrace
Broadlands, VA 20148

The winners of this contest agree to allow the Party Toons team use of the winning submissions to promote our television project. Such promotional use shall include, but shall not be limited to, the right to animate the winning submissions not already animated, and the right to include the winning submissions in funding proposals.

Community Comments

#1 MJ
@ 8:24 am

That could be a wide spectrum of toons. I feel editorial cartoons should be provoking enough to get a reader to dig deeper into the subject covered to allow the reader to come to an educated opinion on said subject. I’m just glad my editors let me draw what I want, when I want without being fearful of reader backlash. Sure editorial cartoonists should be aware of some type of social boundaries. But on the other hand editors should allow a cartoonist to express themselves without the fear of said cartoonist losing work. I’m fairly tired of looking at bland type of work. Not the work itself but the over saturated, watered down versions of subjects that are covered. Let’s get back to blatant over the top tooning. A huge raspberry goes out to editors that push a cartoonist to draw what they want instead of letting the cartoonist express the way they see things. This is what really gets reactions from readers the over the top, no restriction type of toons that few cartoonists are allowed to express.

#2 Rich
@ 8:44 pm

May the humblest over-stated, self-important entry win.

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