First of many “How I’ll draw the next president” written

In what often seems to be a story to check off of the to-do list every 4 to 8 years (depending on how many terms the current president is fulfilling), the first of many ‘how will editorial cartoonists draw the next president’ has now been filed – The Miami Herald looks at how editorial cartoonists are drawing President George W. Bush today and their prospects for drawing the next one.

While some cartoonists said they’ll miss drawing Bush when he leaves office, others can’t wait for fresh material. Still others, such as Morin, say all politicians “are really a joy to draw.”

“Hillary will be fun, Obama will be fun, Giuliani will be a blast,” Morin said. “The only time it’ll be difficult to draw somebody is if they’re flawless.”

2 thoughts on “First of many “How I’ll draw the next president” written

  1. I recently drew a cartoon featuring a number of GOP caricatures, & let me just say Fred Thompson is not easy to draw. I must have re-drawn his face half a dozen times & I still wasn’t satisfied with the end result. There was just something about his eyes I couldn’t quite capture (hopefully, I won’t have to improve on it over the next four years).

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