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Hope you remember simple arithmetic

A word of caution for those who spent too much time doodling in their math class – I’ve added a supplemental spam filter that requires you to perform a simple mathematical equation before submitting a comment to the blog. While my main spam filtering service blocks a couple hundred spam submissions a day – a few do get through which require me to weed out manually. So, we’ll try this for a while. If you’re having issues getting through – and you’re sure you answered it correctly, please feel free to contact me.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 8:30 pm

Well, I should be okay, then.

#2 Garey Mckee
@ 8:33 pm

I hope I have enough fingers and toes to type and add at the same time.

#3 MJ
@ 10:30 pm

Hey Charles are you the one in the same joining us over at The National Free Press?

#4 gratulls
@ 11:27 pm

Only adding. Plus thaks for the news.

#5 Charles Brubaker
@ 12:02 am


Yeah, that’s me. Thanks for noticing.

#6 MJ
@ 8:13 am

Sweet, I like your work. The way you break your lines up gives a good flow to the images. Don’t see that style often, great use.

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