Comic-con San Diego to include several newspaper based cartoonists

This year’s Comic-con in San Diego begins next Thursday here are some of the notable appearances by newspaper cartoonists:

On Thursday, July 26, there is a spotlight on Morrie Turner (Wee Pals). This event runs from 1-2 p.m. in Room 3.

From 3:00-4:00 is a spotlight on Daryl Cagle (MSNBC cartoonist and of Daryl will present a slideshow of his own work and an overview of the business of political cartooning on the web and in print.

From 4:00-5:00 is a session on Popeye. Panelists include Frank Caruso and Stephen DeStefano, both having worked on Popeye for years from King Features Syndicate

On Saturday, July 28 from 11:30-12:30 is a session on editorial cartooning. moderating the panel is Daryl Cagle and panelling the discussion include: Steve Breen (San Diego Union-Tribune), Mr. Fish (AKA Dwayne Booth, LA Weekly and Village Voice), Patrick O’Connor (Los Angeles Daily News), Monte Wolverton (syndicated editorial cartoonist), Brian Fairrington (syndicated editorial cartoonist), Lalo Alcaraz (syndicated editorial cartoonist and creator of La Cucaracha), and Steve Kelley (New Orleans Times-Picayune).

The National Cartoonists Society will hold a panel called “What Do We Do All Day?” which will include 5 nationally syndicated cartoonists: Lalo Alcaraz Steve Breen (Grand Avenue), Daryl Cagle, Andrew Feinstein (Girls And Sports), Michael Jantze (The Norm), and Steve Kelley.

Tom Spurgeon ( will be talking with Eric Reynolds of Fantagraphics Books, Carolyn Kelly, daughter of Pogo creator Walt Kelly; Tom Devlin of Drawn and Quarterly, Bruce Canwell of IDW, Steve Tippie of Tribune Media Services; Charles Pelto of Classic Comics Press, and comics historian and author R. C. Harvey to discuss the many ongoing series of books devoted to this great American art form.

Harry Guyton from the Milton Caniff Estate, R. C. Harvey, Denis Kitchen (Steve Canyon Magazine), Russ Maheras (Steve Canyon 50th Anniversary comic strip), Diana Doalson (Milton Caniff’s grandniece), and John Ellis (Steve Canyon DVD producer) will offer a rollicking remembrance of all things Caniff!

On Sunday, July 29
Archie comics creators Craig Boldman (Archie newspaper strip, Jughead), Tania del Rio (Sabrina), Bill Galvan (Jughead & Friends), George Gladir (Archie, Betty, Betty & Veronica), Rich Koslowski (Archie & Friends, Jughead, Sonic), Dan Parent (Betty &Veronica, Veronica), Andrew Pepoy (Archie &Friends: Katy Keene, Betty &Veronica, Sonic) and others will discuss upcoming plans at Archie Comics, talk about comics for kids, and take questions from the audience.

For more information on these events and others visit the Comic-con web site.