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Pibgorn moves to Gocomics, starts over on May 14

Brooke McEldowney has announced that Piborn will return to the web on beginning on May 14th and that the comic feature will start over at the beginning to allow new readers to catch up on the story-line. Brooke mentions that this also allows him to work ahead.

Community Comments

#1 Jeff Stanson
@ 10:27 pm


#2 Derek Johnson
@ 3:36 am

from the Pibgorn livejournal:
‘Because a lion’s share of Pib readers missed the beginning of the present story when it appeared on, I decided to start it over, with Geoff wandering into that secluded lake, oblivious to the events about to overtake him. For those of you who did see it, bear with me.’

these would be the comics from March 21, 2007 thru April 18, 2007

#3 Jeff Stanson
@ 5:41 am

So they’re only running the intro for the third time? From the sound of the report, I thought they were rerunning the whole body of work, which would take a couple of years or so…

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