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Pibgorn leaves to find new home

Joshua Fruhlinger over at Comics Curmudgeon, posts news that Brooke McEldowney, 9 Chickweed Lante artist, has announced that Pibgorn has left to find a new home online. Here is the note:

With United Media’s announcement that “Pibgorn” is to be discontinued, I have been inundated with e-mail, much of it agitated and distressed. I’m very sorry you had to get the news in this rather dispassionate way. That I may answer your central question forthwith, I’ve composed this response for everyone – so please forgive me if I seem impersonal.


There. That is the main thing I wanted to say., however, will, as they have announced, no longer be the source. Nothing dramatic happened, really. I simply came to feel that the editorial needs of and those of “Pibgorn” were becoming more and more divergent and incompatible. For this reason I asked to be released from my contract with United Media in order to secure a new online home for “Pibgorn.” United Media most graciously, and reluctantly, agreed. In short order I hope to get Pib back up and flying.

Meanwhile, you have seen the most current installments of “Pibgorn.” Hold that thought. We’ll be back.

Community Comments

#1 grace
@ 2:59 pm

what is the website in which you are going to post pibgorn on?

#2 pat whitney
@ 12:03 pm

Hope you will let us all know when you have a new site.

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