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Greg Evans wants to draw your blood

Greg Evans, who does the Luann comic, will be on hand this Saturday to draw sketches of from his comic for those who are donating blood during a blood drive at Valley Blood Services – something he’s done for 20 years now. Also on hand will be Doreen Dotson, the creator of Outskirtz.

Greg is volunteering his time and talent because he can’t give blood on account of having contracted hepatitis during a trip to Asia some years back.

Community Comments

#1 Rich
@ 2:24 pm

Hepatitis … yeah right! ;) Neat idea for a blood drive though … way to go Greg!

#2 Danny Burleson
@ 2:13 am

I’d do it just ’cause, but to get pizza and a toon to boot? That’s just awesome! Too bad I don’t live near there.

#3 Diane Dolim Bagwell
@ 5:00 pm

Hi Greg,
Hope you remember me. All I can say is do you remember the “missing quart of blood” ?

Best to you and your family,

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