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Ray Billingsley to be guest on next “Fridays with Mr. Media”

According to E&P, Ray Billingsley, creator of Curtis will be the next guest on Bob Andelman’s “Fridays with Mr. Media” blog. The topic for the day will be “the unique pressures on African-American cartoonists” and last’s month’s death of King Editor in Chief Jay Kennedy.” You can check out the blog by going to

Community Comments

#1 LaMont Jones
@ 5:50 pm

I read every word of the interview transcript and found it quite illuminating. Billingley has a refreshing voice and perspective. I think “Curtis’ will be around for a long, long time and wish Mr. Billingsley the best in every related endeavor.

#2 David Mc Lintock
@ 4:50 pm

I have been reading “Curtis” for quite some time now, you have to realize I have been a comic book reader and comics reader since the early 50’s, from “Dondi” tothe present and I honestly enjoy “Curtis”. Keep up the great work Ray Billingsley.

Thank You

#3 joe cortellini
@ 6:19 am

I enjoy some of Rays humor however there is too much
negative behavior that is repeated. this to me does not
improve the image of black teen agers.
mr.billingsley should interject on occasion more positive
aspects of good wholesome life. for instance he can show
curtis studying hard to pass a test in school. or show curtis
working hard on a science fair project for school.he can
show curtis talking in a nice manner about the opposite sex.
he could try to eliminate the many stories about physical
abuse towards others to get “even” we need
more uplifting images of our african-american people. please
don’t portray them in the negative. thank you

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