Killed Cartoon book hits book shelves today

Out on book shelves today is a book I’ve wrote about a couple of weeks ago called Killed Cartoons: Casualties from the War on Free Expression. The author, Dave Wallis, has an excellent article in the San Francisco Chronicle that nicely recaps the major themes of his book. It’s an excellent read and worth a few moments of you time.

3 thoughts on “Killed Cartoon book hits book shelves today

  1. I stand by my original comments. The *excellent* article, while interesting, is over the top and hardly applies to some cartoons newspapers didn’t want to print. It perhaps should be titled editorial cartoonists take themselves way to seriously? Maybe not .

    My original comments …

    While I understand that no one likes to be censored or edited, the title is incorrect â?¦ Casualties from the War on Free Expression â?¦ the internet is free expression, newspapers pay for what they print so it is not a first amendment violation for them not to print a cartoon.

    Catchy title though, I truly wish you all well at the bookstore!

    Hereâ??s an alternate title â??If you donâ??t buy this book you are violating the first amendment.â? In fact, there may be a way to make it a manitory purchase.

    Tounge-in-cheek (or foot-in-mouth) from a one whose cartoons are 99.9% Dead On Arrival ! However, I can still express them freely. Hmm freely becomes the problem then â?¦ oh well, enough is already too much. I shall now sit in preparation for a water landing.

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