Will this be the year of the return of Cartoonist Day?

Mike Lynch points out that May 5th is traditionally been Cartoonists Day but that it really hasn’t been publicized for the last several years. He also points us to a new web site set up dedicated to the day. I’m not sure who’s behind the web site but the press release says to contact Ken Alvine for more information on Cartoonist Day.

We’ll have to see how this year shapes up.

2 thoughts on “Will this be the year of the return of Cartoonist Day?

  1. A little registry snooping reveals that the cartoonistday.com website belongs to one Rob Smith, Jr..

    Hats off to him. I’ve been promoting Cartoonists Day on my own website for years. Ken Alvine initiated it around 1990, and I think it’s loads of fun.

    I tried to get my public library to schedule an event for it this year, but had to settle for a compromise date of June 25.

  2. Bob … your library celebrates cinco de Mayo until June 25th? Wow, who knew libraians could party that hard!?! Ssssshhhhh…..

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