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Lakeland Community College Comic Symposium line-up announced

The 2007 Lakeland Community College Comic Symposium line-up has been announced. This year’s event will include one syndicated team: John Forgetta and Kathy Dow, creative team for the feature The Meaning of Lila. Other committed speakers include: Dr. Michael Bitz, Founder and Director of The Comic Book Project, Tony Isabella, editor, writer, creator, columnist who has worked for both Marvel and DC Comics, Ron Hill, Professional Artist/Art Teacher, and Dr. Charles Coletta, American Cultural Studies, Popular Culture Program at BGSU.

And lastly, I was invited to speak on the topic of reporting on the comics industry and my perspectives on the future of the industry. Should be an interesting event that I’m looking forward to attending as well as covering. The symposium runs March 23rd and 24th and is free to the public. I’ll have updates as I get them.

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#1 Dominic
@ 12:25 pm

And lest we forget its companion Comics Contest!

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– Dominic

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