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Greg Evans uses Luann to tell story of his reunion with daughter (UPDATED)

If you’ve been following Greg Evan’s Luann lately, you’ve noticed a story-line involving the character Bernice finding out she has an older brother that had been put up for adoption. That story-line is real for Greg who is writing about a daughter that he and his wife put up for adoption when they were both in college. And like the Luann story, their daughter contacted them 10 years ago after learning the names of her birth parents.

Regarding the adoption, Greg is quoted as saying,

“It was just not the right time for us to try to raise children and get married and so forth,” Evans said.

“It was always in the back of our head,” he said about his daughter. “I’d wonder how she’s doing every time her birthday would roll by. That kind of thing. Hoped she’s having a happy life, and wondering if one day we’d get a knock at the door.”

Greg and his wife now have two grown children and are still in touch with their daughter who now lives in Texas.

Link tip to the ¡Journalista!.

UPDATE: E&P wrote a story about Greg’s adoption back in 1998 and has reposted it.

Community Comments

#1 Gary Seely
@ 3:15 pm

I have never been a supporter of the war, but my immediate thought about the long lost brother army sgt. was that the cartoonist was going to kill him off when he retuns to Iraq. I really hope he does not do that. This article about his own reunion is reassuring. I think it is less likely he will try to make some type of war related statement under the circumstances.

#2 Rich
@ 11:38 pm

A very sad commentary on morality and responsibility or lack thereof.

#3 JoLene
@ 8:26 am

Not knowing the circumstances people are in makes it hard to judge their morality and responsibility. I think it takes a lot of courage and perhaps responsibility to admit that it would not be best for the baby and give them up for adoption. Notice that abortion was not considered…I have to give them credit for understanding their limitations at the time. How many babies are born to very young, very immature people who are just not capable of being good parents (yet). It is easy for us to judge when we don’t know the feelings, emotions, and situation on a very personal level.

#4 Jerry Jackson
@ 8:33 am

I read the comics to get away from the crap. Now you have to insert the Chicago thug Obama into your strip and I am sure you will have everybody fawn over him. Let put this on the editorial page not the comics.

#5 Patti Armour
@ 8:14 am

Just a question, is TJ now being portrayed as African American? I never noticed that before. Maybe he always was and I just didn’t notice.

#6 James Bell
@ 10:57 am

What happened to Dirk. Is it time to bring him back in the story line? We all miss huim at weork.

#7 Norman Altz
@ 12:46 pm

I thoroughly enjoy Luann. I like the way you have developed the romance.with Toni. Please don’t let them do the”nasty”

#8 Krystal Tory
@ 4:33 pm

I really enjoy Luann! Her Mom is the always wise, understanding parent most of us didn’t have.

I like that Toni only “looks fast” and that she is learning and liking Brad’s inside values.

I don’t miss Dirk!!

I always guessed that TJ was Italian. He loves to cook and has masses of dark hair.

I can’t remember seeing a Chicago thug named Obama. Living in the redest of the red states I probably would have noticed. Guess life happens and ya might not read the paper for a week.

#9 Bill Masters
@ 10:37 am

Hi Greg: You have one of the best comic strips ever. I follow Brad and Toni religiously, and can’t wait until they tie the knot. Please make it happen soon. I’m 76 years old and don’t have that much time left. Bill

#10 Gary Thomas
@ 10:20 am

Hi Greg,
I read Luann daily as it is one of the best comic strips today. But unlike some of the posts above I have to say that I’m getting bored with the Brad and Toni thing on a daily basis. For the past week to two weeks that all that has been going on. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I wouldn’t mind if you would shake this up a bit. Luann is starting to lose its entertainment value. Reading about Brad’s insecurity is not really funny…like comics are supposed to be.

#11 Bill Melton
@ 10:56 am

Luann is on of my favorite comics and the comics in the morning is my way of getting away from our constant bombardment of seeing the thug Obama on all the other pages. I do not like the mixture of politics and comics. I stopped reading 5 other comics in the last year because of political views and am saddened that this one is venturing into that realm. Please keep Luann in the comic section and not the national comic section.
Thank you

#12 Erik Thomas
@ 9:11 am

Hi Greg,

The character Rosa Aragones, who briefly appeared in 2006, was mentioned in today’s forum. Greg, your subtle tribute in the 9-5-06 cartoon is noticed and appreciated.
I grew up reading Mad Magazine in the 1970’s, so when I saw Rosa’s last name, I thought of Sergio Aragones and his brilliant drawings, including the ones sprawled all over the margins of Mad’s pages.
When I looked at his biography: Born in Spain, lived in France, moved to Mexico, came to the United States. Coincidence? or Homage? It’s been three years since this comic, but I think it’s time to meet Rosa’s Dad…

#13 Kalani Simpson
@ 2:16 pm

Aloha Greg!

We met several years ago in Honolulu. I came with Dave Thorne, a friend of ours. I?ve moved to Tennessee and would like to get in contact with Dave but lost phone and address in the move. I was to his home on Windward Oahu several times. Would you be able to give him my e-mail address. I hope he?s OK.

#14 Noelle Payne
@ 4:19 pm

I see Dirk has returned, yes!!! He’s hot!!!
PLEEEEEASE have Toni dump Brad and go back to Dirk, and….simply because Dirk is BETTER-LOOKING!!!
That’s how life works and except for the Brad-Toni thing, your comic has always depicted life realistically. There’s no way a girl like Toni would EVER go for a guy like Brad in real life, let’s get real! At that age, LOOKS….and O-N-L-Y looks….are what really counts! I’d dump Brad for Dirk in a second!!!!!!

#15 Pat Davis
@ 1:18 pm

Love the whole Luann strip but hate “unfinished business”. What in the world happened to Dirk? What is the mystery of why he is “never coming back”. Incurable disease? Going off to war? or what!! Please, please let us know what is going on. I am 80 and would like to have this important mystery solved before I get much older. Thanx. Pat in San Lorenzo, CA

#16 marilyn boyd
@ 11:32 pm

Can’t we get Luann without gocomics? I think I am getting spammed to death because I love Luann so much. I will miss reading Luann everyday in my mailbox but I can’t stand all the spam and cant figure out the privacy policy. Good bye Luann,I bid you adieu!

#17 wm bobolinsky
@ 3:30 pm

I’m curious as to why he needed to give Toni a skank tattoo?
I wonder what other bad decisions she would make if maybe we got her a few Cosmopolitans?

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