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St. Pete Times looks to hire staff editorial cartoonist

The St. Petersburg Times in Florida is looking to add a full-time editorial cartoonist to its staff, according to the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. The Times has been without a staff cartoonist since Don Addis retired in 2004.

Community Comments

#1 timothy baker
@ 10:06 pm

i was looking for jobs in the art world and came across this position. i am a artist by natural gift. and i work as a stocker at publix at 1700 hundred nth and 34th. i love art and have been looking for a long time for this opportunity. i have 24 of my own cartoons and i have many oil paintings that i have made also. i am looking for a change in career because i am married my wife and i have a little one coming into the world soon. is there a way we can meet for you to see my works? please let me know as soon as you can. thank-you for your time.
timothy andrew baker

#2 Rich
@ 11:52 pm

Timothy, this is for a position at a Florida paper, so I think you just need to go to the paper and hold people hostage for awhile … like with a salad shooter or something (really newspaper reporters in the life and editorial sections will still take you seriously – they don’t get out much, although perhaps more than cartoonists). Try to think up some way they have been messing with you … like repeatedly putting papers on your porch or something – that gives you a cause.

You won’t get the job, of course, but you can write a book and make money from prison. Your child will be through all the larval stages of life by the time you get out and ready to have a healthy relationship with dad.

Good luck with that!

#3 John Marhevko
@ 12:39 pm

St. Petersburg Times does’nt need a eitorial cortoonist.
They need someone who can pick what comics run in there paper.
If I were in charge.I would get rid of………
Watch You Head….by Cory Thomas.. It’s just not funny…
Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley. Perhaps Canadians have a different humor..
Perhaps you could give Pearls Before Swine a bigger pane like For Better or for Worse because he puts tooo much text into his strips.
Sunday’s Prince Valiant, sorry not a comic, just a soap opera, and there even getting rid of those on TV.
Would give Shoe, Mother Goose & Grimm pay raises…
Before they were called Comics, We called them the Funnies. From a person who use to listen to Mayor Laguardia read them on the radio on Sunday’s, I know I could do a better job in picking out what gets printed..
Yes you can Pass this info along to the St. Petersburg Times.
Get’s down off of his soap box because this will fall on deaf ears, and people who and no sence of humor.

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