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Will newly launched Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop succeed in secular newspapers?

There’s an interesting article over on the Associate Baptist Press about the newly launched Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop and its potential to survive in “secular” newspapersHeaven’s Love is a Sunday only that launched with 15 newspapers.  According to the article, King Features worked with cartoonist Kevin Frank for five years developing a feature called Oboe Jones, which was never syndicated.  After Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, editors wondered if there wasn’t a niche market that could be filled with a christian centered strip.

One factor that separates it from his previous work is the subtlety of its preaching. Frank, a self-styled ?connoisseur of thrift stores,? said his thrift store and charity experience helped him learn that ?charitable outreach? appeals to most people, while outright Bible lessons are often dismissed by non-Christians.

?That [charity aspect] sort of gives me a vehicle to discuss matters of faith in a way that is more palatable to people, because nobody disagrees with charity,? he said. ?It?s all good stuff, it?s all good works, and historically the church has a record of that.?

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Community Comments

#1 Brian Powers
@ 2:29 pm

I hope the “Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop” takes off. There should be enough room in the newspaper for all sorts of voices and opinions.

#2 Charles Brubaker
@ 7:47 pm

It’s not like there’s no such thing as a Christian comic in newspapers.

Anyone heard of “B.C.”?

#3 billy guner
@ 1:51 pm


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