Pat Oliphant sets fund raising record for Truman Presidential Library

Last January, I told you that Pat Oliphant was going to be part of a fund-raiser for the Harry Truman Presidential Library. Here now is a write up about the event that occured last Thursday. The event set a record for total money raised.

Notice: The story doesn’t go into much detail of what Pat did that evening to entertain the crowd, but did have many photos of him.

UPDATE: Universal Press has issued a press release about this event. Not too much more information than you’d get if you followed the link above, but since that link is behind a registration form, here is some of the details from the UPS press release on just how much Oliphant was able to help bring in.

Oliphant, syndicated by Universal Press, led audiences through a series of his depictions of presidents from Truman to George W. Bush. Auctioned at the end of the evening, the drawings raised the following amounts: ?Reagan?-$1,050; ?Hillary Clinton?-$300; ?Ford/Nixon?-$1,500; ?The President?s Parents?-$1,200; ?Cheney?-$1,800; ?Trumans in the Garden?-$2,000; ?Carter and the Killer Rabbit?-$700, and ?Truman?-$3,200. Miscellaneous drawings of the evening raised $5,000. Donor contributions combined with the auction resulted in total earnings of $263,440.