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Canton OH paper to pick up F Minus

Sunday seems to be the day newspapers announce that they’re messing with the funnies. This time, The Repository (Canton OH) will debut Tony Carrillo’s new feature “F Minus” next week on the 17th.

Interestingly, the editor does mention the internal polling that took place before making the decision to put “F Minus” in the line-up.

Before agreeing to try it in The Repository, I tested it among several staff members. I already knew that college students had voted their approval nationally.

I took it to several people at The Rep who are my age, mid-50s. It got reviews that ranged from pretty good to outrageously good. I then took it to staff members in their mid-20s to late 30s. Generally, they didn?t think it was funny at all. They smiled politely and gave it back to me.

What?s going on here? College kids choose it as their contest winner. Baby boomers laugh out loud, and people somewhat in the middle are lukewarm at best. I am eager to see what you think when it makes the paper.

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