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Curious George creator dies

Alan Shalleck, the creator of the Curious George books has been murdered. The story is more complicated and includes a sex club and other twisted facts.

The life of a man who helped bring joy to children young and old was apparently snuffed out by two home invaders who simply wanted his jewelry and cash, but what makes the case more bizarre is that all three men knew eachother through some sort of sex club.

Correction: Alan was not the original creator of the Curious George feature, but had worked with the creator’s widow to produce the books and animation shorts.

Community Comments

#1 Eric Dixon
@ 6:41 pm

Curious George is NOT a monkey! He is an ape.

#2 Liana P.
@ 12:04 am

H.A. Rey and his wife, Margret were the creators. You MUST get your information correct before you post this. George was originaly Fifi. H.A. Rey and his wife, Margret were fleeing the German’s on bicycles to avoid being caught by the Nazi’s and sent to a concentration camp. They took only what they could carry on their bicycle made for two people, supplies to fix the bike if needed, some clothing and food. But most important to Curious George was the manuscript they were working on for a children’s book. They put that in the bicycle basket as well and off they went. Eventually ending up in New York, all thank’s to Brasillian Passports.

I just went to the Illinois National Holocaust Museum the other day so I know all about this.

Please give H.A. Rey and his wife, Margret the credit, this other man didn’t suffer as they did.

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