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Sentinel lays off 21; Dana Summers not one of them

Orlando Sentinel has announced that it is laying off 21 of its employees. Dana Summers, their staff editorial cartoonist, will not be one of them.

From an email Dana writes:

I’m not affected. I try to do as many local cartoons as possible to make myself valuable to the paper. I do 4 for TMS and then a special one for our regional editions. That leaves a couple days for either national or local. I try for the local issues. I do occasional caricatures for op-ed, and some sports cartoons during Super Bowl week. Our Sunday “Insight” section will cease, and our Sunday editorial page will be in the ‘A’ section.

The Orlando Sentinel is a owned by the Tribune Co which has laid off or offered buy outs for several members of its newsrooms across the nation. Michael Ramirez, editorial cartoonist, for the L.A. Times was one of the staffers that was let go.

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