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Scott Adam’s gurudom is growing

In a story that is only peripherally about Scott Adams, his standing as guru of business management has jumped from 27th to 12 place.

Business gurudom is a man’s world, with only four women in the top 50. Insead’s Professor Renée Mauborgne is the highest placed at 15, followed by Harvard’s Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter at 19, Dr Lynda Gratton, of the London Business School (34), and the No Logo author Naomi Klein (46). The anti-management message of Dilbert rises from 27th to 12th place in the guise of the cartoonist Scott Adams. However, despite a strong showing early on, there is no place in this year’s ranking for the ultimate management fashion victim David Brent.

Who says cartoonists don’t get any respect?

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