P as in Pickles, Prickly, Phoebe, Proverbs; plus Other Sunday Funnies

A few comic strips in GoComics “P” section went proverbial today.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Pickles, and Prickly City comic strips follow closely in my GoComics feed, so the placing of platitudes in each of them today stood out (to me).

Crossing paths in the Marciuliverse

The current story in the Judge Parker comic is taking place in New York City, it is where Francesco Marciuliano, also writer of another strip, has sent Sally Forth and family on a Summer vacation.

So what are the chances of them passing?

Jim Keefe tells us of the subtle, unannounced appearance of Hilary Forth and Sophie Driver in the same panel.

Crossing over

No, not passing into that “undiscovered country.”

With the appearance of Atomik Komix is the absorption of Funky Winkerbean by Crankshaft now complete?

For some reason Dan Davis‘ cover for Tales of the Space Grill reminded me of an old Nick Fury story. The covers above by Jack Kirby/Joe Sinnott and Marie Severin don’t quite match up; was there an interior page closer?

Fool me once…

First thought was a new Nancy guest artist, but it was Steenz confusing me with the Sunday Heart of the City.

Mrs. Olsen is a Pinup Queen!

Jef Mallett posts the never-seen-on-GoComics Sunday title panels for his Frazz on the Frazz Facebook page. Last week the title panel was a tribute to a classic movie poster.

Legacy Comics – the passing of comic strips to a new generation continues.

Mort Walker to his sons the Walker Brothers, Chic Young to Dean Young, Karen Evans collaborates with Greg Evans, and now The Boy is plotting and writing gags for The Woman. Today’s Breaking Cat News by Luke and Georgia Dunn.

From Georgia at the Breaking Cat News Facebook page:

This week’s Sunday comes to us from the mind of the Boy! He suggested this news story during his morning chore of feeding the cats…

Guilt trip.

Clyde once more being Barney’s conscience in Barney and Clyde.

2 thoughts on “P as in Pickles, Prickly, Phoebe, Proverbs; plus Other Sunday Funnies

  1. I wrote to Clint Hooker about possibly being a guest artist for “Nancy” during Olivia Jaimes’s sabbatical. He never wrote back. Maybe he didn’t like that I knew OJ’s real identity (and mentioned it in my email.) Oh, well…

    Steenz would make a great guest artist for “Nancy”, btw.

  2. The Forths are not likely to encounter Sophie this week in NYC; she’s in danger of drowning on the coast in the Hamptons.

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