Jim Borgman Pitches Strikes

Jim Borgman drew thousands of political cartoons in his long career at The Enquirer. So is it hard to pick a favorite? Not really. Borgman, while appearing on The Enquirer’s “That’s So Cincinnati” podcast, easily rattled off his favorites.

The cartoons that made his short list range from serious to political to what we’re all thinking when it snows ? all these years later.

Borgman served as the Enquirer’s editorial cartoonist from 1976 to 2008. His work earned him the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning in 1991.

Without further ado, here are Jim Borgman’s five favorite cartoons…

From The Cincinnati Enquirer: Jim Borgman reflects on his 5 favorite cartoons

3 thoughts on “Jim Borgman Pitches Strikes

  1. It can be tricky to find some of his (non-Zits) books — I don’t think they circulated widely outside of Ohio — but “Jim Borgman’s Cincinnati” is his best.

  2. Interestingly, one of Jim Borgman’s favorite cartoons was about cicadas back in 1987.

    2024 has been a big year for cicadas, too.

    “There are 12 broods of 17-year cicadas and three broods of 13-year cicadas. Each brood has been assigned a roman numeral. In 2024 two geographically overlapping broods will emerge in the spring—the 17-year Brood XIII and the 13-year Brood XIX.”


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