Miss Cellany’s Beaus Take a Bow

Keith Knight! Brian Fies! Sergio Aragonés! Al Jaffee! Lalo Alcaraz!

Keefer Got The Key!

From Keith Knight:

Holy smokes! One pleasant surprise that I made reference to in this week’s strip [link added] was the mayor of my hometown showed up to my slideshow and gave me the key to the city! I can now enter any house or business within the city limits, day or night! Piantedosi bakery, here I come! …

In other Knight news:

Keefer Madness! K Chronicles Collection #8 reached its Kickstarter goal in a day and a half!


Comic Stripper Brian Fies Talks!

Cartoonist Brian Fies gives podcaster Jason DeHart twenty minutes:

Author and illustrator Brian Fies [link added] talks about what comics make possible for storytelling, including the fantastic and the deeply personal.

Okay Brian is a graphic novelist, but his Mom’s Cancer was serialized in The San Diego Weekly Reader as a comic strip, and his The Last Mechanical Monster got the same treatment on GoComics. So comic stripper he is.


An Al Jaffee/Sergio Aragonés Co-Production

MAD MAGAZINE #38 August 2024 Summer Bummer Issue was released into your local bookstore a couple days ago. It is mostly reprint with a few new items – like the cover that Sergio Aragonés did working off an old unused idea by Al Jaffee. MAD showed both side by side on their reddit account:

Yeah, like Sergio was going to leave all that open space unfilled!


Latino political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz honored by city of LA!

KABC-TV reports:

Acclaimed political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz [link added] was honored at L.A. City Hall for his contributions to elevate the Latino community. He’s an influential storyteller who uses his cartoons to turn attention to issues like anti-immigration and racism.

Viva Lalo!

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